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Neighbors and Friends are concerned with proposed developments in Schodack that will forever alter the beautiful landscape of the town.

Concerns for preservation of nature, protection of aquifer and safety concerns regarding traffic, noise, sound, and air pollution need to be addressed by Town Officials.  

Unfortunately, we feel that we are not being heard and may need to hire our own experts.  The Town Supervisor has "suggested that all residents affected by the project hire professionals that could help assess the benefits or hazards of such a facility being built in this town". 

The facility in question is over ONE MILLION Square feet with over 300+ Tractor trailers.  These trucks will be on the road directly next to neighborhoods every 2 minutes each hour 24X7 days of week.  This is a busy stretch of highway that stops for school buses and will also increase car traffic by an additional 400-500 cars.

We are raising money to hire our own professionals.  

Any contribution is appreciated and would considered personal gifts and should not be used for tax deductions.


We are an association comprised of concerned Residents in Schodack, New York.  We are looking for smart development, growth opportunities and benefits for ALL Residents.  We believe everyone should have a voice.

The Birchwood Association is not incorporated under the not-for-profit laws of New York State and therefore is not a legally recognized tax-exempt association or charitable organization. The association is simply a network of individuals who share ideas, resources and participate in activities to better our neighborhood and the town we reside in. 

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