Lack of Transparency in Schodack

Residents concerns continue to be ignored!  Secrecy regarding this project is a real issue!  Elected officials touted "transparency" during election campaigns.

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Lack of Defined Zoning still plagues Schodack

Schodack Residents continue to suffer because of poor zoning, undefined size limitations, no buffer zones, inadequate road infrastructure causing major safety concerns.

In addition to ambiguous zoning in the town and the fact there is no clear definition of a “Sales Distribution Center”, Warehouse and Truck Terminal projects are cleverly re-named to “Sales Distribution Centers”.  It should also be pointed out that these types of developments are in direct conflict of the original intent of PD-3 zoning designated for this part of town (see the below PDF attachments). 


The purpose of the PD-3 is to encourage light commercial uses….that will not generate heavy truck traffic.   The objectives of the PD-3 zoning included:


  • Contain an adequate and integrated system of open space and recreation areas designed to tie the Planned Development (PD) together internally and link it to the larger community.

  • Preserve trees, outstanding natural topography and geologic feathers.

  • Possess creative design and site planning of a quality that will produce a more desirable environment through improved functional relationships between buildings and uses.

  • Provide an orderly transition of land from rural to urban uses.

1994 Schodack Planning Board Meeting Minutes

1995 Schodack Town Board Meeting Minutes

Current Zoning per Zoning Code 219, Attachment 5

Amazon is calling itself a Fulfillment Center.  Fulfillment Centers are used to pick, pack, and ship.  Does this sound like a Distribution Center to you or a Warehouse?  Why doesn't the Town have clear definitions, limitations on size and appropriate use definitions on Warehouses and Distribution Centers?   

2018 Schodack Planning Board Public Hearing Meeting Minutes (June 4, 2018)

Hypocrisy and Selective Opposition in Schodack

Just a year the Schodack Town Board fought against a proposed 60-unit Birchwood Manor senior citizen housing project.  Ironically  most of the reasons they fought this proposal are exactly the reasons we are fighting the Amazon proposal.  One year ago the town was fine with voicing there concerns regarding traffic,  character, minimal tax revenue, decreased property values and unnecessarily damage established neighborhoods as well as potentially cause a variety of environmental issues and concerns.  This proposal was intended to be a tenth of the size of the Amazon proposal.  In addition, the Town of East Greenbush refused to provide sewer service to the project.

These are all the same reasons and concerns (in addition to the Aquifer/Groundwater issues) that Birchwood has taken a stand against regarding the Amazon proposal.  Every development proposal should be reviewed with the same regard and not be subject to selective personal opinion.  There are NYS Laws in place to review these issues.

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We are an association comprised of concerned Residents in Schodack, New York.  We are looking for smart development, growth opportunities and benefits for ALL Residents.  We believe everyone should have a voice.

The Birchwood Association is not incorporated under the not-for-profit laws of New York State and therefore is not a legally recognized tax-exempt association or charitable organization. The association is simply a network of individuals who share ideas, resources and participate in activities to better our neighborhood and the town we reside in. 

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