Residents Who Care!

Birchwood Association is an unincorporated organization of neighborhood residents dedicated to working together to enhance the quality of life in Birchwood Estates and its surrounding neighborhoods and is a discrete neighborhood in the Town of Schodack bordering the Project Site. The goals of the Birchwood Association are to:


  • Stimulate the interest of residents in the well-being of the neighborhood

  • Collect and distribute information on topics of interest to the neighborhood

  • Provide a forum for discussion of neighborhood matters in order to protect and promote the community and its activities and interests

  • Seek to gain consensus on issues affecting the neighborhood, and to serve as a voice for the community

  • Protect the natural resources upon which the neighborhood depends

  • Communicate the opinions and concerns of neighborhood residents to the Town of Schodack government

  • Encourage neighborhood involvement and participation in initiatives regarding area beautification, zoning and land use, planning, traffic control, and police and fire protection

  • Promote community cohesiveness and provide quality neighborhood events


Fight for What is Right!

We want to ensure comprehensive studies are performed to protect our environment; including air, light/noise pollution, traffic impact studies and adequate buffer zones are in place for the protection of established neighborhoods and residents.

We want the tough questions answered before approval is granted on a proposal that will irreversibly change the landscape of the town forever.

During Public Comment period on April 12, 2018, Supervisor Harris suggested that all residents affected by the project hire professionals that could help assess the benefits or hazards of such a facility being built in the town.

Hiring professionals is costly and unfortunately many residents do not have the money to invest hiring experts to evaluate proposals to assess risks and hazards to their homes and families.  

We want to ensure smart and safe development for all in Schodack.


We are an association comprised of concerned Residents in Schodack, New York.  We are looking for smart development, growth opportunities and benefits for ALL Residents.  We believe everyone should have a voice.

The Birchwood Association is not incorporated under the not-for-profit laws of New York State and therefore is not a legally recognized tax-exempt association or charitable organization. The association is simply a network of individuals who share ideas, resources and participate in activities to better our neighborhood and the town we reside in. 

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