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There is NO regard for the residents of Schodack or Rensselaer County.  The Town Approved a 1M sq. ft. WAREHOUSE without an EIS in a zone that does not allow WAREHOUSES.  No one is safe from this type of development when planning and zoning departments find loopholes in outdated zoning and leave the public in the dark. Remember this on Election Day. Supervisor Harris (R) and current Town Board Member Tracey Rex (D) both promised a different vision when they campaigned only 2 short years ago in these very same neighborhoods they now have no regard for.

"Editorial: Amazon needs no break" 

THE ISSUE: Local, county and state incentives are being used to lure an Amazon warehouse.

THE STAKES: Taxpayers' funds should help improve their communities, not fatten corporate profits.

"Study: Road salt tainted wells"

A new study shows runoff from decades of road salting in the Adirondacks polluted more than half of the wells tested downslope from state roads and highways.

"Court ruling opens door to lawsuits over unsafe roads"
New standard of negligence for state and municipalities.

What some of our supporters are saying:


"Thank you for challenging the short-sighted knee jerk approval for this project. Although this project will sit soundly in the Town of Schodack, the real beneficiary will be East Greenbush Schools, when Amazon actually does start paying its fair share of taxes. So we bear the brunt of its physical presence, and the lions-share goes to an already well-funded district. Amazon typically selects commuties they see as depressed, apathetic, and desperate. Unfortunately our town government has embraced this "low-hanging fruit" mentality. To see the Supervisor quoted in the TU saying Amazon could "save the Town..." was jolting. I didn't realize, and don't believe, we need salvation. Perhaps salvation for the Town can be best achieved on our next round of ballots. No EIS? Disgraceful. Thank you for the informative links to articles relevant to what Amazon's impact on communities where they locate these DCs, and the terrible work environment they foster. It wasn't news to me, but I hope it is an eye-opener for those who are smart enough to want to be informed."

Hypocrisy and Selective Opposition in Schodack

In 2017 the Schodack Town Board fought against a proposed 60-unit Birchwood Manor senior citizen housing project.  Ironically  most of the reasons they fought this proposal are exactly the reasons why we are fighting the Amazon proposal.  They were fine with voicing there concerns regarding traffic,  character, minimal tax revenue, decreased property values and unnecessarily damaging established neighborhoods as well as potentially causing a variety of environmental issues and concerns.  This proposal was intended to be a tenth of the size of the Amazon Warehouse proposal.  In addition, the Town of East Greenbush refused to provide sewer service to the project.

These are all the same reasons and concerns (in addition to the Aquifer/Groundwater issues) that Birchwood has taken a stand against regarding the Amazon Warehouse proposal.  Every development proposal should be reviewed with the same regard and not be subject to selective personal opinion.  There are NYS Laws in place to review these issues.

Read the article:

Birchwood Association updated Statement, 5/5/2019, regarding Article 78 against Schodack Planning Board and Scannell Properties. 


On May 2, 2019 the Association filed its appeal brief with the Appellate Division, Third Division in Albany.

The Birchwood Association remains firmly committed to ensuring that this project undergoes the thorough environmental review that the public deserves. We look forward to presenting our concerns to the Appellate Division and remain confident that, in the end, the court will agree with us that the law requires a full and comprehensive Environmental Impact Statement. 


Albany Times Union Coverage found here:


The same evening (May 2, 2019) the Town of Schodack held a meeting regarding the consolidation of fire districts.  Amazon was approved in just 3 months, less than a year later, the fire district was studied and looking to possibly consolidate as volunteers are decreasing and response time is longer than the standard suggests, 14 minutes versus 10. This is extremely concerning as an EIS would’ve looked at the response time and availability for a massive building with 800 employees, let alone the capability of fighting a fire at the premises.  One of the items we identified was PUBLIC SAFETY.


More details can be viewed here:

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Protect our natural resources and encourage smart development for OUR town.


Schodack Residents continue to suffer because of poor zoning, undefined size limitations, no buffer zones, inadequate road infrastructure causing major safety concerns.


Currently opposing Route 9 Warehouse Row and holding our elected officials accountable.


Stay informed regarding proposed developments and actively participate in Town Meetings.


We are an association comprised of concerned Residents in Schodack, New York.  We are looking for smart development, growth opportunities and benefits for ALL Residents.  We believe everyone should have a voice.

The Birchwood Association is not incorporated under the not-for-profit laws of New York State and therefore is not a legally recognized tax-exempt association or charitable organization. The association is simply a network of individuals who share ideas, resources and participate in activities to better our neighborhood and the town we reside in. 

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